What more can I do?

Ask the nearest person to sign


Show and tell

Talk about this initiative with you friends and family, share it on social media, and discuss the benefits with anybody who wants to know. If you’re a member of a club, church or school, spread the word there and offer your Phone to sign on.

Donate to cover the expenses of our volunteers when they meet with politicians in Brussels.


If you want to do more: Many organisations are active in supporting action on Climate change. Join one of them where you feel at home, and help us getting them to support this initiative.


All the committee-members of this initiative are volunteers of Citizens’ Climate Lobby. CCL has developed its own way to change policies based on these core values. If they appeal to you, please join and we will link you to a local chapter. You can help organise activities to promote this initiative to get Carbon fee and dividend realized with the help of a global organisation. CCL will keep you updated on the progress of the initiative.