Que puis-je faire de plus?

What more can you do to support the:

The fast, fair and effective solution to climate change?

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Show and tell

First of all: Talk about this initiative with you friends and family, share it on social media, and discuss the benefits with anybody who wants to know. If you’re a member of a club, church or school, spread the word there and offer your Phone to sign on.


If you want to do more: Many organisations are active in supporting action on Climate change. Join one of them where you feel at home, and help us getting them to support this initiative.


All the committee-members of this initiative are volunteers of Citizens’ Climate Lobby. CCL has developed a specific way to change policies based on core values. If they appeal to you, please join and we will link you to a local chapter and to help organise activities to promote this initiative to get Carbon fee and dividend realized with the help of a global organisation.


For those who want more freedom to create their own activities and teams to support the initiative, there is the Climate Initiative. This is a place were everybody can share their own experiences and learn from each other in a growing community.

Sign in to stop climate change

Sign in for the dividend

Sign in to save our economy

Carbon Fee

This policy puts a fee on fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas. It starts low, and grows steadily over time. This will drive down carbon pollution because companies, industries, the public sector and consumers will move toward cleaner, cheaper options.

Carbon Dividend

The money collected from the carbon fee is returned every month to citizens to spend as they see fit. Program administrative costs are paid from the fees collected. Governments do not keep any of the money from the carbon fee.

Border Carbon Adjustment

Border Carbon Adjustments protect EU manufacturers and jobs from unfair international competition that lacks a carbon price. Imported goods will pay a border carbon adjustment, and goods exported from the EU will receive a refund under this policy.